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If you have a kid with talent, or know a kid with talent, let's get them a college scholarship and get them some worldwide exposure!

Get your kid a website or a webpage
 by NQQNTIME        www.datswzup.com

We expose athletes and individuals of all ages to the proper audience to be seen worldwide with fliers, the internet, youtube, search engines, and much more.
Ask about our different website / exposure packages!
Here is an example of a flier: Cairra Cortez and VIPMarketing
5,000 Professional  Fliers - Website - Youtube Footage - Photo Shoot - Shoes, Exclusive Gear, College Exposure, E-blasts to your Targeted Audience, Video Footage, Interviews,  And more.....
This is one flier and this shows the two sides of promoting two different ideas.
Cairra Cortez is on one side
VIP marketing is on the other side
imagine 5,000 fliers promoting your child or business, WOW!
with unlimited website updates 
we exposed Cairra worldwide to tried and attain a college scholarship to get an A+ education and continue to play basketball.
If you have a business that needs exposure, we can design a marketing strategy with a website, fliers, and expose your services. If you have a business to promote, you can also "ADOPT AN ATHLETE" and promote your business along with helping a kid attain a college scholarship.
We make it happen for anybody: ALL ages, ALL sports, ALL entertainment, and General Business  call us 773-593-0040
Our services come with: 5,000 fliers, a unique website with unlimited updates, photos, and video. We will also set up a voluntary photo shoot if you need new professional photos.

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